Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Catholics have been called upon to use the Lenten season to pray incessantly and solicit divine intervention to prevent homosexuality from gaining roots in the country.  
Describing homosexuality as an abominable act that had the potential of incurring the wrath of God in Ghana, the Archbishop Emeritus of the Kumasi Catholic Archdiocese, the Most Rev Peter Kwasi Sarpong, said it was only when Christians joined hands in seeking divine intervention that homosexuality, which is gradually creeping into the country, could be uprooted.

“Homosexuals indulge in such an abominable act because they have developed an insatiable appetite for it and it is only fasting and prayers that have the power to quench such appetite,” he explained

“Just as the wrath of God came upon the people of Sodom and Gomorrah at a time their men were sleeping among themselves and women were marrying one another in rapid succession against the will of God, so will it happen in Ghana if we allow homosexuality to gain firm roots in the country,” he warned.

Preaching the sermon at the St Mary’s Parish Church at Kaase, a Kumasi suburb, as part of the celebration of the first week of Lent, which is a period of fasting and spiritual renewal for Christians, Archbishop Emeritus Sarpong pointed out that fasting and prayers were very potent in seeking the face of God.

He said it was equally important for Christians not only to refrain from indulging in any act of sin but also use fasting and prayers as an intervention for those indulging in sinful acts.

He also advised Christians to lead exemplary lifestyles, not only at home and their immediate environment but also their workplaces.

He said providing quality services at workplaces such as classrooms, hospitals, highways, marketplaces, among others, would portray Christians as men of God worthy to be emulated.

“You may be poor in many ways and may not have the requisite resources to help your neighbours overcome their immediate challenges, but when you provide quality services for their children in the classrooms or quality healthcare services at the hospitals and also behave professionally as a driver on the highway, then you are exhibiting your Christian values,” Archbishop Emeritus Sarpong explained.

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