Tuesday, 5 August 2014


British airways has suspended its flights to Sierra leone and liberia due to ebola outbreak that has taken the lives of over 900 in 4 african countries. It says this is only a precautionary measure to prevent the virus from coming into the UK especially that it is a disease with no known cure.

Sunday, 3 August 2014


The tb Joshua yearly convention scoan has attracted a lot of liberians to Nigeria amongst other nationalities and this has caused a scare and the health ministry has asked for it to be cancelled. This is due to the high risk of ebola spreading further because some infected may be coming for healing and being a place of gathering will spread quickly. The church has cooperated with the law and cancelled the convention. a lot of nigerians may not be pleased with this however it is for the safety of the nation.

Friday, 1 August 2014


It was recently on the news that president Jonathan Goodluck shared N22.4 million naira amongst the parents of the missing chibok girls but apparently the president did not pay every parent and the ones left out were angry about it. There have also been speculations that this is a ploy by the government to buy the parents' silence and by collecting the money they have sold their children.
details below:

Dauda Ilya, a spokesman for the Kibaku Area Development Association (KADA), which organized the parents’ trip to Abuja, stated yesterday at a media briefing in Abuja that the Nigerian president had given N22.4 million to the distraught parents.
Mr. Ilya’s statement contradicted a claim by Reuben Abati, the special adviser to the President on media, that Mr. Jonathan did not give money to the grieving parents when they visited.
“On the night of the 22nd July, 2014 at about midnight, the senior special assistant to the President on special duties, who had been coordinating the visit on the side of the Presidency, visited the hotel and told the 51 escaped girls who came that the Presidency sent them a token of N100, 000 each and accordingly gave them the said sum without prior discussion with any KADA official or any other person in the community,” Mr. Ilya said.
According to him, Mr. Jonathan’s aide also “gave the sum of N200, 000 each to 61 parents out of the 122 parents that came on the visit. 51 parents were given N100, 000 each on the basis that the money given to him was not enough to go round at N200, 000. The remaining 10 parents were not given any amount of money."
He added that a member of the House of Representatives representing the Chibok constituency also gave the parents the sum of one million naira.
“As for the money given to some parents back home in Chibok, it was the sum of N1, 000,000 given to them by the Hon. Member of the House of Reps representing Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Federal Constituency which is the source of the alleged N7, 000 given to parents in Chibok that were not part of the visit.”


The recent outbreak of ebola in west africa has been one of the recent scares of nigerians amongst others such as boko haram and it has since reported to have claimed 729 lives from february 2014 to present.The nollywood actor Jim had to leave unfinished business in liberia and fled wearing protective mask.


The very beautiful Nigerian actress Caroline Ekanem Danjuma has welcomed her third child and its a baby girl this time. She took to her IG to make the announcement .

Friday, 31 January 2014


On mr Owolabi's first day of work at jivan plastic company, he was bringing out pvc materials from a bag when Mike (his chinese employer) said he was not handling materials appropriately and hit him repeatedly while his cousin smashed a bottle on his head and at this point he fainted. He awoke, all covered in his blood he made his way to makun police division . there he reported the case and the police refused to do anything  owing to them being foreigner. He then proceeded to punch metro where he reported the issue and it was published, it was then the police arrested the men. they apologised to Owolabi and offered him money which he refused because he's an honest nigerian trying to gain justice. The police claim the men will be held in detention until the case has been investigated. This is just one of several instances where nigerians have been beaten unreasonably by their foreign employers in their own country.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


The married couple had their second baby girl on 3rd january in atlanta. This is making it a 7th child for 2face Idibia.


They were both featured in an advert titled "the reward of success"published recently, by polo(a nigerian luxury goods company).


Mercy Jonhson Okotie popularly know by some as the best actress in nollywood was interviewed yesterday by the saturday tribune, where she narrated her life story including a time when she lived in an uncompleted building and i must say it was very touching. Read extracts from the interview below:

What were your days like as a  child?
I was a tomboy. I am the fourth child from a family of seven children. The first four are girls and the last three are boys. So, I actually moved a lot with my brothers, climbing trees and stuff like that. We didn’t get everything we wanted but we got everything we needed. I’m from a very humble background; a Christian family. My dad is an ex-military officer and we basically grew up in a military environment. I attended Navy primary and secondary schools until I went to the Lagos State University.
And how has it been through fame and glamour?
There have been the good and bad times; there have been rumours and scandals. Sometimes when I cry in movies, it isn’t the script that makes me cry. When I recall my humble beginning, I give thanks to God. When I remember how we moved into an uncompleted building and had to take cover whenever it rained because of the condition of the house; how my brother did a menial job as a bricklayer to earn a living and those days when we rolled over a stick to cover the windows up till the point when I started acting and raised money to cover the roof… I recall those days we were living with lizards because the floor and the walls of the house were not plastered, or when I had scars as a result of my several falls.
So how did you start acting?
After my secondary school education, I failed the University Matriculation Examination (UME) and came back to Lagos to get a degree. While that was on, I watched Genevieve Nnaji in a movie entitled: Sharon Stone. I later approached a friend for assistance to feature in a movie. He said I had a great body and that I would make a good actress. He later took me to the National Theatre, but a role did not come until a year later, when I had my first lead role in a film entitled: The Maid. The Maid was my starting point and it was quite challenging to play the lead role because it was my first movie. I was fidgeting when I saw the likes of Eucharia Anunobi, whom I regarded as a screen goddess during my secondary school days. I never thought I would make it with people like that. So, when I saw her, I was so excited and considered standing beside her as sacred. She actually realised that and later helped me by giving me the needed courage.
 You seem to be enjoying marriage a lot.  You even once said that as soon as Purity (her daughter) clocks one, you would be going back to the labour room …
My sister, marriage has been sweet for me because I have the best husband and daughter in the world. Being a married woman, I have learnt to tolerate things more. It has changed my perspective of life and the way I react to things.
In a few years to come, what would you love to be remembered for?
I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds. I would like to leave with the memory of someone with a good heart, who did her best to help others.
There is a very strong competition among actresses. How have you managed to maintain your position as one of the most popular?
I would have to give all glory to God how far He has helped me. I have tried as much as possible to give my best to the industry and I cannot say that I have arrived, but it is obvious that I am not where I used to be. I will continue to do more.
It was reported that you were banned for increasing your pay as an actress.
There was no ban at all.
You promptly responded to OJB’s cry for help and gave him some money. People said it was publicity stunt, while others said it was just your character...
I don’t need to be more popular because I am already popular. We were just promoting the ideals of Mercy Johnson Foundation. The idea is to identify the needs, evaluate and help in our own little way. All fingers are not equal. Those in position to help should do so without hesitation. I strongly believe that as stars we should live beyond the euphoria of stardom and the moment. We will not always be here. What happens if you look back and realise you could have done a lot to make the world better when you had the spotlight and you didn’t? I want to live beyond the moment.

-culled from tribune.com.ng


Nollywood heartthrob Ramsey Noauh was recently interviewed by  Christian Agabide for sunday sun where he revealed all from his humble beginnings to how he slept on the streets and current projects. Read extracts from  the  interview below:

You are no longer constant in movies. What is happening to you?
I am still on the screen; I pray for better industry than what we have. We don’t have a proper structure and it is affecting us. It is affecting so many of us because we don’t have a secured future. For instance, some veteran actors passed on and people had to gather just to try and give them a befitting burial. That shouldn’t be the case. We have an industry that just paid you one off. It is not in any way protective of the interest of the practitioners, it is not really helping us. I believe strongly that we need to do a more integrated production, quality production that will last, like when we started at the beginning. All the stories are not encouraging and technicality we are not growing, all these help to slow down the growth of the industry. And without growth there are can never be a future, without dynamics you can’t see the frontier. Basically, that’s what we are suffering right now and there must be changes. The concern of most people shooting now is about making their money back. They don’t have passion or love for the industry like we do. So, that’s the reason why I am not acting. I love doing a good job, something that will benefit the industry, a movie that whenever you pick it up, if it is five or 20 years you can still watch and be happy. I want a situation whereby I will do a job and my great grandchildren will know me by my work. ‘Oh my great grandfather did this, yes he is the one’. That is what I want to do to leave a mark, a legacy, no just a passing face.
A lot of your colleagues have gone into producing their own movies. Is that the reason you don’t want to join the trend?
I am working towards producing mine at the moment, but the reason why it is taking me this long is because I wanted to get it right. I don’t just want to come out with something little or something that wouldn’t be of standard. I am one of the pioneers saying that we should have a better industry. Definitely, I should come out with something really nice. And that’s why it is taking me so long but I will be coming out with something this year.
You are a recipient of many awards here in Nigeria and Africa. What can you attribute that to and how does it make you feel?
It makes feel like an achiever. I really feel good about it. It is like you are appraising me for my work and my input, and that is not a legacy for me. I love the fact that people love my work and they appreciate it and rewarding me for my work. It is the same thing for any person whatever profession it may be; doctor, pilot, journalist and even market woman, as long as you are passionate about your industry and people can see it and they believe that you have given so much and deserve an award. So, if a person deserves it then they should give it to such person. I love being appreciated, but I will love it more when I do leave a legacy behind.
How do you define success?
(Smiling) A whole lot of people define success as being rich and having it all. I define success as peace of mind. To me, I am successful; I do not owe anybody and I have a clean heart and clean spirit. I am a happy man from the inside; that makes me very successful.
What is your greatest achievement as an actor?
It is yet to come, my brother. I cannot yet boast of greatest achievement in the industry. It is not by my work, input as an actor, no! Like I said, it will be by my legacy.
Most actors refer to you as their role model. Who is a good actor?
I don’t know how to put this without going by definition. If I can go by what I know, I think like I said you have to be passion driven; that is you are not acting because of the money, you are not acting because of fame. You are just acting because you love the work. I think that will totally see you through. Also, I don’t know how I can actually say it; people will actually want to debate it. Whether good acting is God given, natural talent or is acquired. I do not know how to define that now but because I know definitely that it can swing both ways. You could have a natural talent or God given talent as an actor and you could still acquire it and still be extremely good. To me, they swing in both directions. I can’t say you must be a natural or born actor to be a fantastic or brilliant actor. I know some other very good actors who weren’t born with it, but they are also extremely good because they love what they are doing. Like I said, it is the passion, whether it is natural or acquired once your passion drives you, you will achieve it.
Most actors try to act like you. Did you go for any formal training when you were coming up?
No, I didn’t. I didn’t go for any formal training to be an actor. It was more like an inborn. There are so many things I know to deliver certain lines, certain behaviour. I believe strongly that if you have a character who is going through certain pains, emotions, joy, success or whatever, there has to be a way to actually bring out that character to the best of your ability, which of course will be to drill yourself in that character at that moment and feel it deeply. For instance, if a person is emotionally broken, how do I deliver an emotionally broken character? I will personalize it; then I will ask different kinds of people who have broken down emotionally which one do I take? Which one do you think would be a market success if I apply it? That’s what I do.
Who were the people that influenced your career at the beginning?
It is really hard to say because the time we started, film wasn’t palpable. It was more of foreign movies like Schwarzenegger, Rambo, and all sorts of action movies. I didn’t really have access to television because I didn’t have television at home. I didn’t have access to movies. I mean you go to see movies like ‘Sound of Music’ at your friend’s house. I couldn’t say I have role models from Indian movies; no there wasn’t anything like. When I started, I remember my love for Al Pacino and I used him as a yardstick in acting. If you want to show that you are a good actor, you shouldn’t be stereotype. You should be versatile; you should possess the ability to play different roles. I use the Al Pacino`s role in Scarface, Godfather and Sense of a Woman to show people how versatile he can be. In Scarface, he has a strict gangster attitude. In Godfather, he has a mafia attitude. In Sense of a Woman it was also different. So, three different characters and they are all distinct. It was like he has the same gesture here and he has the same mannerism there or he has the same line here or there. That’s the way you can actually know someone who is a fantastic actor. He is one of my role models.
How do you wear those characters and display different behaviours. What is your source of inspiration?
It is from the society. You look around you and see a lot of people. People wearing different kinds of faces, you realize you are going to interact with these people; everybody has a way of thinking, a way of life. They are all not the same. You can actually be adaptive of all these people. For instance, if you are meant to act like a madman, it will be very professional to actually go around and find the one you think would suit the character you are meant to play in a movie. And you follow the person and study him for a little while so you can adopt the character and you can perfect the character while you are delivering.
A lot of people think you’re a snub, arrogant and Casanova. Who exactly is Ramsey Noah?
I am a regular easy-going kind of guy. I am not a snub and I am not arrogant. Most times a lot of people had criticized me, but as an actor that is the cross I need to carry. And it is easy for you to say because you are not wearing my shoe. Nigerians are very quick in judging because they are good in throwing words before thinking about them. But the truth of the matter is that we are normal human beings like you. I am not Jesus and I am not here to save the world. I am just an actor. Some people are making my life miserable. At some point when you think that I am arrogant or proud, it might be due to circumstances. I might be having a bad day. That I am an actor does not mean I have it all good and smooth. For all you know, my daughter or my son might be sick in the hospital and you probably came at the wrong time. This could make people think that you are arrogant.
What is your most embarrassing moment?
I can’t actually pencil down any, but I have quite a few. I have had a woman stone me with pure water sachet because she felt that I was mean to some girls in a movie. A woman was sucking an orange and she threw it at me because she didn’t like my behaviour in the movies.
Would you say that was the craziest thing a fan has done to you?
I wouldn’t say that, I don’t want to go explicit. (Laughing)
How do you handle your female fans?
It is just being nice and diplomatic. You can’t be nasty to them, you can’t be mean to them; they are only doing what they are supposed to do because they are showing love.
Do you have any project you are working on right now?
Yes, I just did a fantastic movie with AY. It is like a comedy, totally different from the lover boy thing, but I still have a little of lover boy stuff in it anyway. It is a whole lot of comedy and shot in the United States. We are going to complete the rest in Nigeria. That’s the work I have pending and there are a few to come.
Tell us about your growing up?
My growing up was like tasting the two sides of a coin. When I said tasting the two sides of a coin; I mean tasting being a rich man and a poor man. I grew up with my mother, and with a silver spoon, I had it all. When I began to realize that I had good things to show off, everything disappeared. We started from grace to grass; that has helped me a lot because it totally balanced the equation of life. It gives me confidence in all spheres. For instance, I can hang out with the enlightened or the rich. I can mingle with them very easily without any complication or complex whatsoever. Also, if it is the low class or poor people, I can mingle very easily with them. I can eat a fantastic dinner in a huge, expensive restaurant and I can go eat amala at a buka and I would not feel anything. I don’t care being a popular actor or a role model. I am a role model to everybody.
Are you saying that fame has not denied you anything in life?
It has denied me a few, but it has not denied me being as natural as I want to be. I won’t let that happen. It has happened to some of my colleagues. Fame has taken them away from what they wanted to do or be. There was a time I went to a bank to pay my NEPA bill and I was wearing a short and T-shirt, because it was on Monday morning somebody came down and said ‘Ramsey Noah, you are a role model, you shouldn’t have been wearing this’. I didn’t take it likely with him.
For you, what was the worst scenario when life was so cruel?
Those were the times when things got really bad for my mother and I and we had nothing. It was so bad that we didn’t have a home or shelter to live in. We had to stay in a store, a small store that could take only one mat. My mother and I squeezed ourselves in that mat. We didn’t even have a cup to drink water not to talk of a stove to cook. And my mother had to borrow, beg and stuff like that. These were moments when I was young I didn’t realize the gravity of poverty we were in, I couldn’t tell. But it was a good orientation for me. It was moments that I thank God for making me past through, because that has sustained and helped me even as an actor. The ability to deliver all the roles they give me because I have tasted both sides of the coin.
With all these experiences, what has life taught you?
Life has taught me never to look down on anybody because the person you disregard might just be your saviour tomorrow. I realized that all my mother’s property was washed away by rain. We couldn’t sleep all through the night because of the flood. It was really terrible. Like I said, it is a life lesson.
Is there anything that can make you cry or shed tears after all you passed through?
Yeah, those moments; those terrible moments when we had nothing and we were living off people. People were just helping us out. There were times we didn’t have food to eat three or four days. You haven’t eaten and your stomach is rumbling but you don’t have any place to go. There was a time I lived on the street, in shops. There was a time I slept under the bridge. It was unfortunate that there were no records so that we can have memories we could play back now. To me, I am so extremely grateful that I went through it. At that time I hated everybody around me. In fact, I used to question why God was doing this to me. But I think God knew that I needed this for my future.
-culled from sunnewsonline.com


Halimar Abubakar was allegedly hospitalised sometime in december for exhaustion and has been posting pictures to show her fans that she's better now. But there will always be critics and she only replied cheerily to the comments saying " Ignore the fold. Haba, I am on holiday hehehe. I will go to the gym, no worries. But thanks for the love my sugars. Easy on the folds, as my looks is what’s more important. Muah!"


In the recent past rising nollywood actor Ik ogbonna has found himself amidst gay rumours but his instagram/advise confirms otherwise.


scandal star kerry washington recently married to the igbo footballer in America Nnamdi Asomugha, tweeted a new years greeting in igbo. This made her nigerian fans happy.

Saturday, 14 September 2013


“I am not sick, I have been battling with my weight for ten years and have finally achieved what I want. I am not sick. It is my choice to lose some weight and I pulled it off. I feel good losing weight, it takes a lot of discipline.”

Saturday, 7 September 2013


“Ladies you dating a man old enough to be your dad, granddad. Watch itttt….
Ladies you dating a banker? Doctor? Carpenter? Watch it. Especially the bankers and doctors.
Ladies you dating a celebrity? Just watch it…. Little advice
In short, just watch it. The stuff my male friends tell me. Sad and pathetic… it’s a man thing. Unless you wanna have fun, then go for it and enjoy.
That was my brother’s advice. He’s a banker.
Sad to see most women been lied to. Even the married ones. Sad, sad! Sometimes you see it and can’t say it.”

 Mercy Johnson took a vacation at dubai with her little family last weekend , here are some of the pictures form the vacay.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

featuring: AY(as kanyewest) and Juliet Ibrahim(as kim kardashian)
they humour kims short appearance in nigeria and kanyes thoughts on it



here,s what african news is reporting:

"Silver Bird Cinemas Africa has banned and refused to show a new Nollywood movie titled ‘Boko Haram’ that seeks to portray the heinous acts of the group “Boko Haram” which literally means “School is sin.”
When contacted about their decision to not show the movie, they had this response;
“We had problems with the picture quality, and morally we taught it`s not the right time to show the movie. Aside that, it is a management decision not to show it for now although our aim is to help promote local movies. This particular movie has to stay aside for the time being,” he explained.
In a separate chat with the producer Pascal Amanfo, he stated that the movie might be having some kind of terrible happenings in West Africa and Nigeria, but fans shouldn’t forget that today it is Nigeria, tomorrow it can be another country so the movie’s aim is to only expose the activity of the group.
The movie ‘Boko Haram’ features Academy Awards best actor Majid Michel, and other A-list actors and actresses.
Was it the right thing to ban the movie? Or maybe showing the movie will actually properly expose the groups’ heinous activities and discourage any potential sympathizers they may have? Would you want the movie to be shown here in America? UK? or other countries for that matter?"



recently, it has been noticed that nollywood has been producing and releasing movies that contain soft porn. 
some of them include:
bold 5 babes

pregnant hawkers

room 027

these are only a few...there are others out there.

Monday, 18 March 2013



Very few actresses/actors who decide to produce their own movies succeed and rita dominic may be among them. Her movie "the meeting" has attracted quite a number of nominations already

Below are the list of category nominations for the movie;
1. AMAA 2013 Prize for Achievement in Costume Design
2. Achievement in Make-Up
3. Best Nigerian Film
4. Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Linda Ejiofor
5. Best Actor in a Leading Role – Femi Jacobs
6. Best Actress in a Leading Role – Rita Dominic